Personalize your request to attend Synergy in 3 easy steps!

You believe in the value of Synergy—now persuade your manager by sending a compelling, personalized request that includes all the reasons attending Synergy is a great investment for your organization. Follow these steps to Justify Your Trip and create a personalized PDF to send directly to your manager or your colleagues, partners or customers to encourage them to join you.

Step one - select sessions

Personalize your request by selecting and sharing the sessions you plan to attend. Simply choose Select Sessions to find the breakout sessions, interactive sessions, hands-on training and networking events you want to include in your personalized Justify Your Trip PDF, designed to show how you will leverage Synergy to build your knowledge and your network.

Step two - personalize your PDF

Once you have selected your sessions from the provided list in the linked Session Catalog, go to the top of the page and select Justify Your Trip to access and customize the PDF. The letter is already written—simply add your own introduction and closing comments in the fields provided.

Step three - download and send

Once you’ve added your personal comments, download and save your custom PDF and send directly to your manager or colleagues. If you plan to send requests to several people, you can save your session choices in a bookmark to work on later, and use the same or a similar set of sessions for others.