SYN715: How to automate Citrix ADC in a hybrid cloud world

Session Number
Date / Time
May 21, 3:45 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.
Building Name
GWCC, Building C
Level Name
Level 1
Hall C2, Meet the Experts #2
Area of Interest
Networking, Cloud, IT
Product Category
Citrix ADC, Citrix Application Delivery Management
Content Type
Session Type
Meet the Experts session
Session Level
Technical – advanced
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Automation is critical to building, deploying and managing your applications. Teams need a declarative API-driven model in order to easily automate hybrid and mult-cloud application infrastructure development. Join this session to learn how Citrix ADC gives you peace of mind in dealing with Day 2 Operations challenges by providing scalability, security and support for application changes. Your teams can roll out major new projects quickly and safely using Citrix Application Delivery Management version-controlled Stylebooks to standardize configuration and spin up Citrix ADC instances quickly in the cloud using cloud service templates. Learn how you can remain in control and receive real time analytics.


Kapil Malik
Product Manager
Dave Potter
Senior Solutions Architect