SYN221: How to protect your Citrix deployments and modern applications with Citrix ADC

Session Number
Date / Time
May 23, 11:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
Building Name
GWCC, Building C
Level Name
Level 3
Georgia Ballroom 2
Area of Interest
Networking, IT
Product Category
Citrix ADC
Content Type
Technology deep dive
Session Type
Session Level
Technical – advanced
Speaker Type
Citrix Technology Professional (CTP), Product manager
Session Status

Explore the major security features that Citrix ADC offers and some deployment techniques to implement them in your organization. Citrix ADC is a security engineer’s Swiss Army knife and you will discover tools you may not know about, including Web Application Firewall, GeoIP and bad IP reputation blocking. You’ll also hear about Citrix ADC denial of service (AppQoE) protections along with SmartAccess, multifactor authentication and more. If your Citrix ADC is acting as a gateway, join this session to see how it can further secure your Citrix deployment.

Note: This session will be available for on-demand viewing post-event on Citrix Synergy TV.

Patrick Coble
Security Nerd
VDISEC - VDI Security
Frank Bunger
Senior Product Manager