SYN234: Geek's guide to the workspace (part 9): designing the right workspace connections

Session Number
Date / Time
May 23, 3:30 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.
Building Name
GWCC, Building C
Level Name
Level 3
Georgia Ballroom 3
Area of Interest
Workspace, IT, Networking
Product Category
Citrix SD-WAN, Citrix Workspace
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Session Level
Technical – advanced
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Session Status

Just as the workforce has expanded beyond the office to include users from remote locations, applications no longer are contained within the confines of the datacenter. In order to provide an optimal workspace architecture for users, IT must create an underlying network infrastructure that is able to integrate on-premises resources with cloud-hosted instances and identify and optimize traffic based on destination. In this session, learn how to integrate a Citrix Workspace experience that spans on-premises and multi-cloud environments, allowing you to optimize virtual channels, provide optimal routing and avoid hairpinning connections.

Note: This session will be live-streamed during the event and available for on-demand viewing post-event on Citrix Synergy TV.

Matthew Brooks
Technical Marketing Architect
Jesse Wilson
Architect for CSS